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On 27.12.02 at 06:35 from
pat posk
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I just love your site. The music is fantastic and so clear and crisp. More Bach more everything. Just love it. It takes me out of this world and puts me into a wonderful place.
How wonderful that you have brought this beautiful music to all us music lovers. Thank you...Thank you..continued greatness on your site.

On 09.12.02 at 01:26 from
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I don't remember how I ended up here - but I'm so glad I did - what talent, what genius - thank you for your hard work and effort. Bin schon seit 30 Jahren in den Staaten
und gute deutsche Seiten sind immer ein Genuss fuer mich.
Aber erhoffte nie eine Seite mit klassischer Musik in
Midiform mit solcher hohen Qualitaet und Auswahl z finden!
Vielen, vielen Dank, Emily

Comment: Thank you very much, Emily. Unfortunately you have not left your email adress.


On 08.12.02 at 16:56 from
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Wonderful site...absolutely the best midi sequences I have ever heard. Thank you for making them available!!

On 06.12.02 at 15:49 from
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hi, thanks for putting all those midi files on line. they're useful. and the site is fast and quick. the zip downloads by composer are great.

On 04.12.02 at 13:39 from
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Very pleasant, great site, and beautiful music!

On 01.12.02 at 18:39 from
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I just listened to your new additions. Lovely, and especially for a cold blustery afternoon. I will go back and listen to "Winter Wind." Thank you so much.

On 27.11.02 at 16:55 from
Mal Richards
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Your style is a pleasure to listen to.
Thank you for being allowed to download the pieces as required.
Best Regards
Mal Richards

On 24.11.02 at 07:50 from
Calvin Michel
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You have a very good website and midis! The note still perfect and tidy even i have converted it to .nwc files.
Thank you very much for the midi

On 18.11.02 at 11:39 from
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sehr interessante und informative site !
grüsse aus wien !

On 16.11.02 at 22:52 from
Nicholas (Nick) Natiello
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My daughter, Jill Natiello, is a composer of classical piano music in the romantic style. I was on the web searching for a digital piano to buy for her when I came upon your website. I am a native New Yorker, and was born in Greenwich Village in 1926. I have always loved and enjoyed classical music. I never believed that a website like yours would be available. I now live in Gig Harbor, Washington, USA. It's incredible that I can listen to the music on my PC in my study. Our daughter lives in the guest house on our estate and I can't wait to share this with her, since she is a composer. Forever grateful. Cheers, Nick Natiello

On 10.11.02 at 05:38 from
Annette Kirkwood
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From the south of New Zealand - I get so much pleasure from you music web site. Thank you for all your effort.

On 09.11.02 at 13:59 from


On 07.11.02 at 17:31 from
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einfach eine tolle seite

On 06.11.02 at 16:31 from
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Es ist einfach klasse!!
Darf ich 4 Lieder an meine Seite einbinden?

Kommentar: Hallo Ursula,

Du darst 4 Stücke verwenden,
wenn Du einen entsprechenden Copyright Hinweis in Verbindung mit einem Link
auf meine Seite anbringst. Siehe


On 02.11.02 at 04:01 from
- Aurora
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This is the most gorgeous site of its kind on the web! I enjoyed it so much and thanks so much for your effort on bringing it onto the web.

On 01.11.02 at 18:43 from
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Thank you.. I just listened to the new Preludes No. 16 and 17. A nice program to look forward to. I enjoy this so much.

On 29.10.02 at 23:22 from
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Thanx for that great music.

On 29.10.02 at 19:05 from
Noisy Pianist
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Thanks for your music. I have especially enjoyed the Mozart and Haydn. Having just step-sequenced a short jazz arrangement for piano, I appreciate the effort you have made. Good luck on future works.

On 25.10.02 at 16:56 from
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Hello, this is my third time to visit your site and get some useful midi files for my web.
And, may you tell me how can I make midi files?

On 13.10.02 at 00:36 from
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Thank you Bernd: My computer was down for a few months, but now it is working once again. I just listened to Chopin Prelude No. 15, the Raindrop. I play that. It is so nice to get in touch with pieces you have studied. Thank you for your renditions. I will be listening to the rest of them during this evening...

On 07.10.02 at 02:28 from
D C DowDell
( /

Dig them changes!

On 05.10.02 at 13:45 from
( /

Hello, I love this site very much. It offering a lot of midi for listening. But, I hope the site can add a JavaScript of Pre-Listening because it really spend me a lot of time for opening it.

On 26.09.02 at 13:45 from
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Wie heißt das Lied, das man immer benutzt um ein männerballet aufzuführen
Danke im voraus

On 16.09.02 at 07:04 from
Sara Ann
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I love this is a pleasure to hear this music played so well. Thanks for such a generous offering.

On 06.09.02 at 22:05 from
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Bravo! to the piano player!

On 31.08.02 at 11:05 from
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Dank jullie, maar het zelf pianospelen vind ik nog steeds spannender.

On 06.08.02 at 22:25 from
Peter Laumann
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Dankeschön für diese wunderbare Seite!
Gruß, Peter

On 03.08.02 at 12:14 from
webmaster piano bleu
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I do enjoy your page and often come
I would be please that you join the webring "fans of piano" you may access it at the end of home page of

On 02.08.02 at 13:48 from
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Herzliche Grüsse aus Marseille. Diese Adresse habe ich zufällig gefunden. Wunderbar! Ich werde sie oft besuchen.Vielen Dank für die schöne Musik.
A bientôt.....

On 26.07.02 at 19:20 from
Istvan Benedek
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Friday, July 26, 2002 >>I am from Hungary<<
Istvan Benedek
Thank you for a wonderful web site.

On 20.07.02 at 11:19 from
Familie Drescher
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Herzliche Grüße von der Familie Drescher.
Wir wünschen weiterhin viel Erfolg !!
Anbei ein amüsanter Tip für alle, die trotz der ganzen Euro-Teuro-Aufregung ihren Sinn für Humor noch nicht völlig verloren haben:
Die Memoiren der deutschen Mark

On 16.07.02 at 08:16 from
Jim Mackey
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I am just starting to play the piano. I am currently using Voyetra's Teach Me Piano to learn. I also have been playing around with MIDI Orchestrator Plus from Voyetra to mix and produce music. I really enjoy your site and think it is great what you are doing with the music.

On 07.07.02 at 07:52 from
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lieber bewundernswerter classic-piano- und web-präsenz-fachmann - als gitarrist wollte ich immer schon mal erzählen von in osnabrück - auch dort hörbeispiele ...
viele grüße: dietmar fritze - frizztext

On 04.07.02 at 05:03 from
Dave Sitbon
( /

Great site! I enjoyed my visit here very much. You'll have to stop by my site for a visit...I'm sure you'll all LOVE it...& make sure your speakers are on 'cause there's lots of midi tunes! Please keep up the good work as I'll surely visit again. Thanks, and take care.

On 23.06.02 at 22:50 from
Stefan Jann
( /

Genial, Genial, Genial

On 11.06.02 at 14:57 from
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I like this website very much. I enjoy to listen your work every night.

On 02.06.02 at 13:35 from
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Hello Bern Thank you for your selection. Please add me to the Address below.. Thank you

On 29.05.02 at 23:25 from
tom holland
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Thank you for a wonderful web site. It has been a pleasure to listen to your music and I am thankful that you are willing to share your music with the world.

On 27.05.02 at 11:33 from
( /

hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria - please feel free to visit our austrian music-site and leave us a note...

On 22.05.02 at 20:48 from
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I forgot to mention - I listen to your MIDI files on a Yamaha Clavinova CLP-920 (a superb instrument, with a beautiful sound - even though it is very basic in function).

On 22.05.02 at 20:27 from
( / no homepage)

Thank you for these exquisitely created midi files - they are easily amongst the best I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. It is quite clear that you have spent a great deal of effort, care and attention in creating them. They are a real treat to listen to, and help me with my own (rather poor!) attempts at playing.
Thank you once again, and keep up the wonderful work.

On 21.05.02 at 18:16 from
Erb, Bauer, Hermle
(via / no homepage)

Danke für die Midi Files der Bilder einer Ausstellung von Moussorgsky. Endlich leichter zu bearbeiten.
9 Oktober, Berlin, U-bahn (moderne Fassung)

On 12.05.02 at 15:22 from
( /

hi bernd krueger,
i´ve just built a website - and mentioned your fantastic work ...

On 06.05.02 at 00:14 from
Shirley Reasor
(via / no homepage)

I was playing from an old book of classical works by Friedrich Burgmüller. My husband wanted to know the date of his works and general information about him. I got on the Internet and found your delightful website. I am from Mesquite, Texas. Through the years I have collected a truckload of classical music to play on the piano.

Comment: There exists a special website about Burgmueller, where you can find additional informations:

Bernd Krueger

On 03.05.02 at 03:00 from
( / no homepage)

I listened to this Presto movement three times in succession. You did a marvelous job of it, but I wonder why Chopin wrote it.. It doesn't sound like Chopin to me. Just commenting.... Please continue your wonderful work. Thank you.

On 30.04.02 at 22:06 from
Martin Binder
( /

Bin heute durch Zufall auf Ihre Site gekommen werde jetzt aber öfter mit Genuss ihren Darbietungen lauschen und sie mit ihrer Erlaubnis auf meine BLOCKHEIDE HP einbinden

On 19.04.02 at 00:16 from
Gloria Chiang
(via / no homepage)

Thank you for a very educational web page and, of course, beautiful music. This is the page I go to when the classical station on my radio goes crazy.
Gloria from California, USA.

On 16.04.02 at 00:50 from
Alejandra Moreno de Arias
( /

Thanks for your wonderfoul work and art.
From México.

On 10.04.02 at 05:55 from
C Y Wang
(via / no homepage)

Thank For Your Midi.From Taiwan

On 02.04.02 at 01:56 from
( / no homepage)

Thank you for your rendition of Chopin's Funeral March. I played the middle theme. May I request Liszt's Funeral Gondola? You did a marvelous job.

On 01.04.02 at 02:00 from
( /

Ich war schon öfters hier um Musik zu hören und hab Deine Seite auch bei meinen Favoriten :-)
Heute möchte ich fragen, ob ich einige Midis von Bach und Beethoven laden darf und auf meiner HP abspielen? Natürlich mit Link auf Deine Website.
Wär super, denn bei mir gehts um das Thema Mitternacht, da würde die Mondscheinsonate klasse passen!
Schönen Ostermontag!

On 29.03.02 at 07:42 from
Fred Fuessel
( / no homepage)

Your web pages are a delight to read. Full of interesting detail and very well set out. I have received much assistance in my piano playing by listening to the midi files you have made available. Many thanks, Fred from Melbourne in Australia.

On 27.03.02 at 07:10 from
Stephen Ho
( / no homepage)

Amazing music played from my cheap PC speakers!
So, I down loaded some, played it on a MiniGrand fitted
with PianoDisc player. Nothing came out.
Coverted midi type 1 to type 0 midi, it came out 1 single note per file. :( :(
Then converted midi to text, edited out redundant prefixport and portname 0 by an 'awk' program (I am a Unix programmer), converted it back to midi from text.
Wow! it works!
I don't mean to offend anyone, I amlearning piano at kindergarden level, the music is great, but impossible to learn for me. P.S. I am learning "It is easy to play Mozart" kind of level.
Is there a motivation to write some simpler one for beginner?

Comment by Bernd Krueger: I am sorry for the difficulties you had with hearing the midis, but I dont know what the reason is. The files are standard MIDI Format 1. In addition I create all files in Format 0 for those, who need it (some keyboards can only interpret format 0).

The goal of this site is to interpret great piano works, it is not my intention to teach playing the piano. Therefore many of this works are not easy to play. But some of them are not so difficult, for instance "Scenes from Childhood" by Robert Schumann.

On 24.03.02 at 14:48 from
Dominic Jakob Reinhardt
( / no homepage)

I am a 23 year old hotel-specialist from Koblenz in Germany. I love the classical music since I am a little boy. Your page is very great and there is a lot to hear! VERY GOOD! Go on with your professional work. Lovely! Bye.

On 21.03.02 at 19:01 from
Klaus Berthelsen
( / no homepage)

Great page you made there.
I´ve been searching for this kind of homepage very long time and now I found it. I`ve been teaching my self to play a piano and thanks to you I can play piano much better.
P.S I am from Greenland Aasiaat

On 20.03.02 at 03:43 from
B Lee
( / no homepage)

thanks this music was an inspiration im 18 and this is my 10th year of piano lessons bethoveen wanna duel dring it on!

On 03.03.02 at 06:06 from
( / no homepage)

I'm a 13 year old currently on my 4th year of Piano Study.
Your work is an inspiration.I hope to improve and play as you do!

On 02.03.02 at 13:43 from
( / no homepage)

Thank you. This was the first E mail I opened on the this very first Saturday in March. Your work is outstanding. I see one other admirer has ased if you have a LINK on yourself, telling your audience about your life, that would be nice....

On 24.02.02 at 21:45 from
( / no homepage)

Hoffentlich kann mir jemand helfen. Ich bräuchte ganz dringend das Midi-file zu Brahms 'Auf dem See' (On the lake). Kann jemand helfen? Bitte kurze Nachricht an meine email-adr.
Vielen Dank

On 18.02.02 at 02:06 from
Victor M. Calderon
( / no homepage)

I have listened with great amazement to all of your work. It is simply fantastic! Just imagine how surprised and proud the masters would have been to hear your impeccable renditions, through the magic of MIDI. Godspeed and viel danke! I am from Summerfield, Florida

On 15.02.02 at 23:24 from
( / no homepage)

A great web page -- the midi files are beautiful! Is there a page on your site where you tell about yourself and how you created the files? I will enjoy returning to this site. P.S> I am from the state of Georgia in the US.

On 02.02.02 at 01:58 from
( / no homepage)

Bravissimo... Thank you. I await your encores.... Such a joy

On 29.01.02 at 19:28 from
Jochen Stückrad(sen)
( / no homepage)

Danke, Herr Krüger, für die wunderbaren files. Ich lasse die Musik jetzt fast immer im Hintergrund laufen, wenn ich am Rechner sitze.

On 27.01.02 at 02:29 from
( / no homepage)

Noten für Anfänger auf dem Klavier
Hallo Herr Kruege,
deine Seit verfole gich nun seit einem Jahr.
Die Musik ist auf dieser Seite ist sehr gut aber für mich etwas zu anspruchsfoll. Gibt es nicht eine Seit im Internet auf deretwas einfachere Musik zu finden ist ?

On 25.01.02 at 12:21 from
Hans-Jürgen Caspar
( /

Lieber Herr Krüger,
Mit großem Vergnügen kehre ich immer wieder auf Ihre wunderbare Klavierseite zurück. Ich habe mir erlaubt, sie auf meiner HP (unter Reisebilder) zu zitieren.
Mit besten Grüßen, H.-J. Caspar.

On 14.01.02 at 17:35 from
(via / no homepage)

Un gran saludo desde Toronto, Canada, y mis mas sinceras FELICITACIONES a todos aquellos que han trabajado sobre esta pagina. Realmente quede fascinada.
Fuerza, amigos!!!!

On 12.01.02 at 21:35 from
( /

Eine wirklich gelungene hp, mit unglaublich vielen MIDI-Files, die es in sich haben! Weiter so.
Also dann,
viel Erfolg!
mfg lutox

On 12.01.02 at 15:47 from
( /

hallo bernd krüger,
ein kreatives 2002 wünscht frizztext - nachdem er gerade seine musik-philosophische seite einem update unterzogen hat und dort auf ein aufhebenswertes, freundliches krügerwort stieß...

On 10.01.02 at 11:35 from
( /

Congratulations!! Your page dedicated to the classical piano masters is amazing. I suposse you have spent a lot of time to create it.
I've bookmarked your page and I'll visit it frequently.

On 09.01.02 at 11:39 from
( /

hi to all music-lovers around the world !

On 05.01.02 at 23:03 from
(via /

Nice Hompage,
wie kann ich meine eigenen Midi-Kompos auf meiner Homepage zum spielen bekommen. Brauch da einen Midiplayer?

Kommentar von Bernd Krueger: Dazu ist lediglich ein Link auf die Midi Dateien erforderlich. Beim Anwender ist in den meisten Fällen ein Midiplayer bzw. ein entsprechendes PlugIn des Browsers vorhanden, der die Dateien abspielt.

On 03.01.02 at 10:51 from
David R. Williams
( /

A great site, the midi's are trully the best I have heard as I type this I am listening to the Silent Night/Holy Night Fantasia trully great. The midi's are so clear and expertly played. Thanks for all your work.

On 03.01.02 at 00:12 from
Hasan Engin ªener
( /

Tt's a greate pleasure for me to find such a wonderful piano-songs-based web site. Thaks a lot. Happy new year to you..

On 02.01.02 at 20:51 from
(via /

I have spent such a delightful afternoon here just listening....... Thank you!

On 01.01.02 at 15:30 from
( / no homepage)

Happy New Year. Peace be with you. Thank you for bringing us your marvelous renditions of the masters. I truly appreciate the opportunity to listen to them by your hands. The best to you in the coming year.