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On 21.12.03 at 22:04 from
Oliver Frederic
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Bin über deutschen Bildungsserver zu Euch gekommen!
Prima Service zum Analysieren der Piano Werke zum
Mitlesen der Noten im Sequenzer!Mir fehlt Einiges bei den Komponisten ausser Chopin! Besonders Mozart ala Turca und Beethovenn Für Elise...Aber wirklih guter Service!
Oliver Frederic Dieck
Autor "Strasbourger" 1. Klavierkonzert a la Tschaikowsky
1999 offiziell von EU Parlamentspraes.angenommen zu hören

On 14.12.03 at 20:06 from
Yves Pichon
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Congratulations for your site and the quality of both MIDI and MP3 files. As an (amateur) pianist myself I appreciate your effort to promote classical music. Your site illustrated how modern technology can help.

On 14.12.03 at 16:14 from
Frank Neumann
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Hallo Herr Krüger,
diese Homepage hat mir sehr gut gefallen.
Ich werde sie weiter empfehlen.
Schöne Weihnachtsgrüße aus dem hessischen Hinterland.

On 14.12.03 at 11:37 from
Roland Risch
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Herzlichen Dank für dieses Download-Angebot.
Midi´s von akzeptabler Qzalität sind leider eine Seltenheit - hier habe ich sie gefunden.

On 07.12.03 at 20:32 from
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On 06.12.03 at 18:55 from
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Google brachte mich hierher ..... was ich suchte, fand ich zwar nicht- aber ich werde nun doch mich wieder einmal in die klassische Musik vertiefen ... die Adventszeit ist da sicherlich mit die beste Zeit dafür, die Stille geniessen, Ruhe und Harmonie empfinden - auch mit der passenden Musik.
Mit Gruß - die "Nachtwandlerin" ;-)

On 06.12.03 at 01:22 from
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Love the musics. Especially Waldstein.

On 05.12.03 at 21:01 from
Daniel Ruttinger
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Hallo Bernd
Ich bin zufällig auf Ihre Homepage gestoßen. Ich gratuliere Ihnen dazu und hoffe das Ihnen Ihre Arbeit weiterhin viel Freude bereitet.
Liebe Grüße aus Österreich Daniel ruttinger

On 02.12.03 at 01:12 from
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Thank you. One needs a rather disciplined "ear" to really appreciate the 2nd movement of the W......, but 3rd movement is magnificent. Do you prefer Beethoven? You are more passionate playing him than Chopin's Fantasy. Not to be taken poorly I hope, as I still cannot play the Fantasy like you. Just curious. I see you are planning to do the "Pathetique" Wonderful...I played that one you know.. I would say it was my furthest advancement in music.. I cannot play it today, however. What memories your playing brings back... Thank you again so much.. I look forward to your renditions..

On 26.11.03 at 16:41 from
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This is a great page. I love clasical music and listen to it as much as I can. I also play piano and love to listen to it because I can relate to it.

On 22.11.03 at 02:50 from
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Hallo Bernd, bin heute zufällig über die auf Deinen Link gestossen und gleich bei "Clair de Lune" hängengeblieben. Ich komme sicherlich noch häufiger vorbei, um auch die anderen Stücke zu geniessen. Vielen Dank für diese schöne Seite! Liebe Grüsse Christine

On 16.11.03 at 18:31 from
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die tonsprache gehört der ganzen menschheit gleichmäßig zu, und die melodie ist die absolute sprache, durch welche der musiker zu jedem herzen redet.( R .Wagner ) so auch diese hompage, da spricht die seele zu musikfreunde.

On 16.11.03 at 18:16 from
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Bin heute zufällig auf dieser hompage gelandet .eine tolle erfindung , internet

On 12.11.03 at 19:49 from
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On 02.11.03 at 02:16 from
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Thank you for your beautiful rendition. This Waldstein is an exciting sonata and you bring this lively tension to all, making us want to sit up and listen to every beat. This is far too advanced for me to consider playing. I will listen to you. I look forward to the next movements.

On 30.10.03 at 21:00 from
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tolle website. wie kann man eigentlich MIDIs in mp3s umwandeln. ich habe von einem freud stücke von beethoven im MIDI-vormat bekommen und würde sie gerne auf meinem mp3-player hören. wäre sehr nett, wenn mir jemand eine antwort mailen könnte. grüsse an alle fans der klassischen musik. gez. Timo

On 30.10.03 at 16:57 from
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Schöne Website

On 29.10.03 at 16:26 from
Tobias Doll
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ein großes Lob für diese tolle Seite. Ich bin zufällig auf die Seite gestoßen, als ich nach "Islameij" von Balakirew gesucht habe.
Weiter so!

On 25.10.03 at 13:16 from
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Very nice site. Thanks for your hard work in this site. I`m glad I stopped by and will again, many times.

On 23.10.03 at 13:01 from
Ronan Sleep
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I have just discovered your wonderful site - the degree of expression which comes through is remarkable on the pieces I've heard so far. A hugely imaginative and ambitious undertaking.%0d%0a%0d%0aI am in search of a archive of high quality midi files which have been produced with the sort of care you have exercised. The purpose is to study computer classification of music (style%2c composer%2c possibly expression). I wonder if you would let us have access to some complete sub-collection of your work for this purpose%3f

On 17.10.03 at 20:48 from
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Love your web page!

On 17.10.03 at 18:14 from
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Great midi-page!
Thank you all for this "present". :)

On 15.10.03 at 15:06 from
Vivian Crompton
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Brilliant! Very nice quality in the files! now if I only had a synth that could do justice to them...

On 11.10.03 at 17:01 from
Brian L
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Very Nice site, With great music, Thank you for all your hard work :) , This site is a testament to your love and devotion you have for music. You have been blessed with a very special talent, And I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share it with us!!
Brian L

On 10.10.03 at 12:31 from
Searle Loughman
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Very interesting and worthwhile site, a positive addition to Music Hearings

On 08.10.03 at 20:16 from
suyoung lee
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Thank you for your web site. This site is very useful for me. Good luck to you...

On 03.10.03 at 00:55 from
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Thank you for the Fantasie. It is daunting.. Each time I find a piano I can get my hands on, I will automatically play the middle section, it seems my hands will do none other.. You think and breathe fantasy when you play and hear this piece.. A marvelous accommplishment.. Would you consider playing the 16th notes with the final melody near the end slower and elaborate on the melody. Somehow I do not feel the end should be so rapid, wanting to dream on after the final cord. My preference, even though it would not be technically correct or within the manuscript to play it thusly, I know.. Not critizing you, as I could never play it like you.. Please do not take offence.. You are a great pianist and I, with small hands, can never hope to be.......but, music is more than in the hands... BRAVO I look forward to your next performance..

On 30.09.03 at 07:42 from
Pamela Daranjo
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hey a great job done on this site i just loved it i must tell my dad to check it out he loves stuff like this especially when it comes to music

On 27.09.03 at 03:08 from
Tom Holloway
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Thank you. I played some mp3 files and enjoyed my visit,

On 16.09.03 at 03:21 from
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the world. Are you interested in a mutual link?E-mail us your URL so we can come and visit.

On 14.09.03 at 13:06 from
Jacques Koopmanschap
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Beautiful site. Interesting. I will visit it several times. I love miano music.
Good work!

On 14.09.03 at 04:00 from
milton berlin
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Bernd Kreuger,
I lost your website 3 years ago when I changed ISP. Found you just recently by accident--- and I'm delighted. You are better than ever.More power to you,Bernie.
Milton Berlin

On 14.09.03 at 02:32 from
Stefan Hubertus R.
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Spitzen Idee, die eingeübten Werke online zu stellen. Herzlichen Dank, dass diese wundervollen Stücke kostenlos zum download bereitstehen.
Ich bin beeindruckt!
Die Seite eigent sich auch sehr gut als Nachschlagewerk. Wo sonst kann man sich so viele Klassische Kompositionen direkt anhören?
Weiter so!!

On 12.09.03 at 22:18 from
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hi, great site! however please visit mine: here you find listed more than 10000 rare scores! Horowitz transcriptions, Cziffra ones, lipatti, Liszt, Beethoven and chopin unpublished pieces, Ligeti manuscript, Rare Prokovief.. etc... Glenn Gould..
let me know
mail me for scores
best regards

On 06.09.03 at 06:02 from
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Thank you for your Mazurkas...The No. 4 I found delightful and with a lovely sadness to it in the repetition of its haunting theme, slight melancholia I would say.. A melody that wafts through one's being for a long time bringing memories to the foreground once more...Keep up your good sharings, they continue to be so exhilarating to the keyboard enthusiast.

On 05.09.03 at 20:11 from
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Auf diesem Weg möchte ich mich bei Dir, lieber Bernd, ganz herzlich für die Genehmigung bedanken. Ich habe mich riesig darüber gefreut. Werde des öfteren zum Lauschen hier verweilen, was ich zwischenzeitlich auch schon getan habe. Du wirst also jetzt einen Stammgast mehr haben.
Wünsche ein entspannendes Wochenende.
Liebes Grüßli vom Kaeferle :-)

On 01.09.03 at 23:24 from
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Hallo, eure Homeoage ist echt voll cool. Könntet ihr nicht doch noch ein paar mehr Sonaten von Beethoven spielen. Da gibt´s so schöne.
Bis dann M

Comment: Ich werde denmächst einige neue Beethoven Sonaten interpretieren.

I will interpret some new Beethoven sonatas in the next time.


On 28.08.03 at 02:02 from
Kairi Kino
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I'm a currently taking piano lessons and this site is very helpful.

On 22.08.03 at 17:52 from
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Beste Grüße aus Coburg!

On 13.08.03 at 12:28 from
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Ich grüsse Euch,
Eure Homepage ist spitze. Werde ich mal weiterempfehlen!
Alles Gute und Grüsse aus dem Allgäu sendet Euch Thomas

On 13.08.03 at 12:05 from
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warum haben sie keine stüche von prokoffief?

Comment: Ich veröffentliche nur Stücke, deren Komponisten länger als 70 Jahre tot sind, da hier keine Urheberrechte der Komponisten mehr existieren.

I only release pieces whose composers have been dead for more than 70 years, as here no copyright of the composer no longer exists.


On 02.08.03 at 01:30 from
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Yes, Yes, Yes... Now I can play those Mazurkas.. Thank you so much, lovely...and I do play the "Raindrop" prelude also... God Bless... as always I look forward to your next selections...

On 01.08.03 at 11:59 from
Paul F. Mason-Duthie. B.Mus.A.,Dip.Ed.,A.R.C.O.
( / http://BeingUpdated.)

May I say THANK YOU.!!!!! Your Renderings are Magnificent and Inspiring. As a Professor of Music in Australia,I will
be encouraging My Students & Friends to Visit Your Site.
I also Own & Direct 2 Music Publishing Companies as well as Teach and Perform etc. Please feel free to Contact Me at any Time if I can be of Any assistance to You,in Australia....Once again Thanks "A Fine Job" Sincerely and kind Regards. Paul.

On 20.07.03 at 15:49 from
Peter Degner & Bernd Felgentreff
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Please visit our site for Concerts in Germany:

On 08.07.03 at 18:52 from
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Great site, lots of ideas!

On 02.07.03 at 00:34 from
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Thank you once again for your exquisite rendering.. Yes, I tried this Polonaise once. A bit too much for me.. But I played the Militaire... Keep up the good work, as I look forward to your selections.. God Bless

On 30.06.03 at 00:08 from
( /

Hi, my friend told me to come see the design on your website and I am very impressed. I must say whoever did the design should keep up the great work :))

On 15.06.03 at 07:15 from
Stephen Ho
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I have been using your site for a few year now, Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your work.
Thanks for sharing your love of music to all of us
Stephen Ho

On 01.06.03 at 23:54 from
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Thank you for your selections of the first and second Nocturnes.. They are lovely and I am most familiar with the second. I have been looking over some Neopolitan songs with the hopes of doing duets with a lady opera singer I know, if we find the time to accomplish this. Just for home performance, as we are not going anywhere with these. Thank you for your reply. It is very encouraging to listen to your renditions.

On 16.05.03 at 17:59 from
( /

Glückwunsch zu Ihren sehr ansprechend gestalteten Internetseiten. Vielleicht schauen Sie gelegentlich auch mal auf der Homepage meiner Heimatgemeinde vorbei. Auch wir haben ein Gästebuch und freuen uns über jeden netten Eintrag.

On 08.05.03 at 13:35 from
Jim Lloyd
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I was wondering if you have, or maybe if you could get ; "Wheels of Time" on midi. Its a really good song.

On 02.05.03 at 04:20 from
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Thank you so much.. That was the Premier Ballade, was it not? I seem to remember that there are four Ballades...I never got passed the third page on this one Keep on playing.. It is wonderful..

Comment: Hello Dorcas,

Yes, the Ballade opus 23 is the first Ballade of Chopin, he has written four Ballades. They are indeed wonderful.


On 02.05.03 at 00:31 from
Pietro Cecchi
( /

Lieber Bernd!
Ich liebe sehr Musik und eure Stuecken.
Aber... Ich moechte einigen Maurice Ravel Stuecken hier finden...
Wirdt dies in der Zukunft moeglich sein?
Viele herzliche Gruesse, Pietro

Kommentar: Hallo Pietro,

Da Maurice Ravel noch nicht 70 Jahre tot ist (er starb 1937), existieren noch Urheberrechte auf seine Werke. Das ist der Grund, warum ich keine Interpretationen seiner Werke veröffentliche.

I only release pieces whose composers have been dead for more than 70 years, as here no copyright of the composer no longer exists. Ravel died in 1937.


On 23.04.03 at 15:04 from
Hildegard Saile
( / no homepage)

Hallo ihr,
wieso habt ihr eigentlich keine vierhändigen Stücke?

Comment: Hallo Hildegard,

Es gibt keinen speziellen Grund, warum ich noch keine Stücke für Klavier zu 4 Händen erstellt habe. Über meine MIDI Suchmaschine gelangt man allerdings zu solchen Werken, z.B. "Petite suite" von Debussy, interpretiert von Thomas Lefeldt.


On 17.04.03 at 15:25 from
Yau Hiu Yan Esther
( /

Glad to back again! Your page is great!

On 09.04.03 at 22:16 from
( /

Ein tolles Angebot an ausgesuchter Klassik! Sehr informativ und übersichtlich. Wir werden euch im Online-Magazin und Portal bei den Downloads empfehlen!
Viele Grüße von Susa

On 05.04.03 at 10:37 from
Duane Shinn
( /

Nice stuff! Ear candy galore. Thanks!

On 04.04.03 at 23:38 from
(via / no homepage)

I like your page, lots of inspiring works art. Only suggestion is to get more midis (not that you don't have a lot now.) You should find midi files on other web sites and put them on yours.

On 03.04.03 at 01:22 from
( / no homepage)

Request.... Could you find the time to put the Op.90 of Schumann on? It consists of Four Impromptus for the Piano. Thank you. God Bless.. Your renditions are so inspiring.. I just listened to Traumeri. I can play this one, too.

Comment: Surely you mean the 4 Impromptus Opus 90 from Franz Schubert. No. 2 and 4 are on my site.


On 02.04.03 at 00:25 from
( / no homepage)

Hello - Once again thank you for your lovely selection this month.. I have finally gotten around to practicing. I play just simpler things these days.. but at least I am not letting my piano sit there alone.. Keep playing. I enjoy this opportunity so much and it is encouraging. God Bless

On 01.04.03 at 16:54 from
Satosi Hanyu
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Thank you.
I am a Japanese.
Your site is full of beautiful music.
I will be one of your great many audience.

On 01.04.03 at 00:30 from
Sid Meyer
( /

I appreciate your midi files. I used one of the Mussorgsky files on our website
It will really add to the page. Naturally, I put the credit on the bottom of the page per your instructions. I am sure that visitors to our photo gallery will enjoy your midis as much as I do. Vielen danke.

On 23.03.03 at 17:23 from
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On 17.03.03 at 17:13 from
Orlando Sunción (Perú)
( /

Gracias por poner a nuestro alcance toda esta maravillosa música. Estas haciendo un gran trabajo. Es gratificante saber cuantas cosas bellas nos puede deparar la música. Bravo al pianista..!!!!!!

On 15.03.03 at 15:11 from
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Hallo Herr Krueger, ich möchte mich hier endlich mal für die fantastischen Klavierstücke bedanken und hoffe, daß es bald noch viel, viel mehr werden. Es ist ein Genuß, sie mit einem von mir selbst gesampleten Konzertflügel zu hören - besonders Mozart. Da würde ich mir übrigens am ehesten mehr wünschen. Naja, jedenfalls bemerkenswerte Seite!
Schönen Gruß, Michael

On 06.03.03 at 22:46 from
Manuel Iglesias
(via / no homepage)

Fantastic Burgmüller, congratulations

On 06.03.03 at 17:13 from
Louis Jr from Montréal!
( / no homepage)

Thank you!--Merci--Danke! for your music here on your Web Page!Wonderful!!!"

On 04.03.03 at 23:48 from
( / no homepage)

Hi Bernd, with your selection of classical music you are touching my soul - unbelievable, it is so good to know your website - listening to the pieces looses up all my tensions - keep up the good work - thank you.

On 01.03.03 at 17:48 from
( /

Hello Bernd...Thank you for the preludes. I listened to them and then also went to the Winter Wind Prelude, which is really my favorite.. Will look forward to your next. Take care, Dorcas

On 21.02.03 at 19:17 from
( / no homepage)

this website needs somewhere to go and find(esaly) a song notes and everything to print w/out having to sign up

On 20.02.03 at 04:00 from
Keith W. Schultz
( /

Hello!! Do you know where I can get some music to march by, like John Phillip Sousa? Also , who wrote 76 Trombone? Thanks In Advance Keith Schultz

On 17.02.03 at 00:57 from
( / no homepage)

ich dachte schon es gibt fast nur Klassik-Schrott-Midis im www....daher bin ich froh diese Page gefunden zu haben. Es ist also nicht hoffnungslos, Danke.

On 16.02.03 at 13:29 from
Emanuel Keller
( /

hi deine seite ist super, vor allem das ich gleich alle midi dateien eines interpreten im zip format runterladen konnte hat mich sehr gefreut.

On 08.02.03 at 11:54 from
Erwin Zetz
( /

Hallo Bernd,
Deine Stücke sind wirklich großartig! Ich spiele die Stücke auf einem KORG AG-10 Synthesizer ab und erfreue mich immer wieder daran!
Beste Grüsse aus Forstinning!

On 03.02.03 at 08:08 from
Hoai Vu
( /

That's good to found your page.
Thank you very much!

On 01.02.03 at 16:51 from
( /

Thank you so much for your new additions. I was studying the Harp Etude.. My reach is not sufficient. You need a strong melody in the right hand, yes.. You did a wonderful job.. Thanks so much... Will wait for your next Cyber recital...

On 31.01.03 at 23:08 from
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On 24.01.03 at 19:52 from
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Ich bin auf der Suche nach Tschaikowski - Appassionata, aber kann das nirgendwo finden. Hätten Sie vielleicht einen kleinen Tipp für mich, ich wäre Ihnen sehr dankbar!

On 22.01.03 at 01:12 from
( / no homepage)

Hello Bernd.. Thank you for your lovely renditions.. I am giving you another E mail address.

On 19.01.03 at 03:07 from
Joseph Zito
( / no homepage)

I don't really have any comments to make at the moment.

On 15.01.03 at 19:13 from
clinton warner md
( /

I join the many who have praised you, and rightfully so for your sharing. Your site is a great comfort to me and a source that I visit often---if we could get the current world leaders to LISTEN----------------????!!!! Who knows----------?

On 13.01.03 at 09:03 from
Rick Dauer
( / no homepage)

Incredible stuff! I am in awe! Many thanks for making your work available to the world!

On 12.01.03 at 12:12 from
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hallo bernd krüger, bester piano- und computer-tasten-drücker, im zusammenhang mit meinen websites über bach und beethoven habe ich links gesetzt zu piano-midi - ich hoffe, das ist nutzbringend! dicke wünsche für ein gut gelingendes 2003:

On 06.01.03 at 18:16 from
( / no homepage)

Hi hier ist Sascha, ich finde eure Klassik sammlung sehr gut und wollte mich einfach nur nur bedanken.

On 01.01.03 at 16:59 from
( /

A HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO YOU.. Thank you so much for your reditions. I just listened to them as my first music of the New Year. Indeed, enjoying your Chopin Preludes, it seems to me that No. 24, sounds a bit like Beethoven.. Impressive.. I liked that one... I should really go back and study once again with someone, but my time is so limited. It is such a pleasureto receive each new rendition of yours and very encouraging, keeping the artistry of the piano alive, even if I no longer play very well myself. You give us all a great gift and inspiration.