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of Classical Piano Midi Page

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Tolle Seite. Weiter so!

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bin ganz per zufall auf deine seite gekommen und bin begeistert die musik ist gut mach weiter so gruß jupp

On 21.12.05 at 02:36 from
S. S. Santos
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Thanks for your beautiful collection of midi pieces!
It's a pleasure to have people with the kindness and time to publish these classical works so well organized in the Internet!

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servant of the LORD JESUS
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Bless our FATHER GOD and LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!! This is a tremendous Blessing, Thank You Much. Dont forget to read The Acts chapter 2 verses 1-8 and 37-38. It deals with the new birth plan (Repentance - Baptism in water in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST - infilling of the HOLY GHOST evidenced by speaking in other tongues as the SPIRIT of GOD gives utterance. Also the Gifts and Fruits of the SPIRIT!!!!!!!

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Hi I love your web,wonderful! Thank a lot.

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Thank you for the Christmas Music.. Nice to hear different arrangements. I sent the page to some of my friends. I look forward to your new selections all the time. Keep up your search for pieces that bring us joy and inspiration.

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Unyava Yanumade
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You have not only done a great piece of work but also release them for free which spirit is matchless.
I have been studying piano for long long years and still find it endless in the classical world. Actually I am at the same age as yours and have found your works very inspiring indeed. So far, I have been relying on printed music sheets with instruction from one of the best pianist performers in Thailand and occassionally with the help of CD performed by renowed great pianist. My husband has just being drawn into the passion of making computerized music at the very early stage. Your archives is a great help indeed. Very aspiring !
Danke Schoen...

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Ich habe von Musik soviel Ahnung wie ein Frosch vom fliegen und bin nicht unbedingt Klassikfan aber ich find die Seite geil ich glaube ich sollte mehr klassik hören
der Hammer "mehr sag i' net"

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Gray Porcella
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Thank you so much for your wonderful technique, your midi files are among the best I've found. They have been a wonderful help in my learning to play Chopin

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this site is really great, because it has helped me to learn playing the piano better! I've also discovered, that hearing and afterwords playing makes me improve very much!
thanks a lot

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Hello and thank you
It's very good. I like it.
Good web!

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ebay starter
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exellent site this one will be added to my bookmarked pages,thankyou..find more in italy by searching my homepage..thanks again..and goodluck..

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Bravo. This is the piece I knew I had to learn to play the piano for, and I did. It is recorded on a little portable recorder from l970 or so. I have been playing a few selections from "The Final Years" and album, and did play "Unstern" last night. Keep up your selections. It is so encouraging. The Classical Music World needs you.

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jose de los santos
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dear sir,
my dream when i was a child was to learn to play the piano. that never materialized. i thank you for sharing your talent with us whose dreams are only realized thru people like you. again, thank you and may god bless you.

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Wunderbare Seite, weiter s!!!
Grüße, Sebastian

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GREAT SITE BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have 2 cziffra midis if anyone needs them.
1.Tritsch Tratsch polka.
2.Flight of the Bumblebee

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Eugene Yakir
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Fantastic, Great, Incredible! Wunderbar!

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J. Constantine
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Thanks a lot for providing such classics to the internet comunnity
Best wishes,

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james Barber
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Many, many, thanks for putting this excellent site together and making classical music so easily accessable via Mp3

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The No.15 starts out powerfully, doesn't it.. I was playing "Unstern" by Liszt last night.. Halloween is coming, and I thought I would give the neighbors "Treat"... Wonderful rendition. I wait for your new selections. Thank you. So good receiving you in my mail box. Inspiring. I listen to you and then go to my piano.

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John Mark
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Love the Mozart! Hope to see more.

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Ismael D. Tabije
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great website! congratulations and keep it up!

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Clinton Warner
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You deserve world commendation.There is no better.A genius at large.--In a world that seems to be obsessed with orher things. You have lit a candle in the dark,-that history will remember and salute---.
you deserve

On 04.09.05 at 21:08 from
Guillaume Bustardo
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In searching for midis of Pictures at an exhibition I found you. 100%
Thank-you-you're the best!

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hello again.
If you want to get WINCAKE 3.0 classic midi sequencer for PC you can write me to
have a good day.

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Bravo.. Great rendering of the No. 12. I am working on the Brahms waltzes. It is going slow as I have so little time, and also must keep up with flute/piano duets I am studying with my friend. But, your page is very good at keeping my inspired, as I am sure others will feel the same. During the course of the day, I find very few people to talk "music" to... Keep up your wonderful performances.

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Chen-Cheng Jamaludin
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Hallo, I have been just learning Piano starting on January 2005 at Elfas Music Studio. This is page is very good for me as references.
Thank you.

On 23.08.05 at 05:09 from
Eliana y Harald
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Querido señor Bernd Krueger:
¡Lo suyo es magia! Muchas gracias por las horas encantadas por la música que usted regala a través de la red. Atentamente, Eliana Santiago de Chile, 22.08.05
Lieber Herr Bernd Krueger:
Das Ihre ist Magie! Vielen Dank fuer die von Musik bezauberten Stunden, die Sie ueber das Netz schenken.

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Philipp Schmuck
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Selten habe ich so eine erstklassige Seite gesehen!!!!!!
Ich bin beeindruckt !!! Nur weiter so!!!!!
Gelobt sein COPIN und BEETHOVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALLES GUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Danielle Rosales
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Nice page!

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Mr. Krüger:
Excellent page! Thank you very much!
I am learning piano by myself and the midi files are of great help!
Vielen Dank!
Rosaura (Costa Rica)

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Thank you for the Rhapsody. I shall never reach those heights, but what a listening enjoyment, one can fly over the keys and dream. Keep up your good work.

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Interesting and informative

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Harry Carter
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esta pagina esta super pero seria bueno q pusieran las composiciones orquestales de cada uno de los compositores

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Is the Brahms Fantasia No. 5 difficult? I don't play any Brahms at the present time. Sounded quite intrigueing to me. Thank you so much for sharing.

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My Dear Mr. Krueger,
Thank you for sharing once again. How grateful I am that you've so graciously shared your music with the public. Brahms masterpieces are among my favorites, especially the Rhapsodies. I anxiously await for more Mozart and Beethoven works. Thank you!
Warm regards,

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Hi Bernd My computer is out of order.. Would you please send me your site on Much appreciated. Continue your good work for us all to hear...

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This is a wonderful website. Chopin Forever!!!

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Thanks so much for your realy great music

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WONDERFUL SITE!!! Beautiful music so uplifting and soul envigorating. Classical music really lives forever.

On 08.06.05 at 19:18 from
Karin Hieß
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Danke für die einfühlsame Musik so was habe ich schon immer gesucht.

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Thanks from Malaysia.

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Super site !!! Rien à dire !

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Magnificent. Just wonderful. What a tremendous undertaking. So uplifting to be able to listen to this masterwork, just sitting at my computer. It came at a good time on this cloudy and gloomy Saturday of June 4th. Keep up your rendering of excellent performances. It is so much enjoyed world wide. The best to you.

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Ich bin seeeehr froh, Ihre Homepage gefunden zu haben.
Die Musik macht mir wirklich viel Freude.
Herzlichen Dank dafür.

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Diese website bereitet viel Freude.
Vielen Dank!

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Greetings from Holland MI - USA
What a great website! Thanks for sharing your beautiful music.

On 18.05.05 at 11:39 from
Martin Meyer
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Guten Abend Herr Krüger
(Inzwischen habe ich auch Ihren Namen gefunden; Sie müssen wissen, dass ich
vollblind bin und mit einem speziellen Screenreader-Programm arbeite,
welches mir die Texte auf einer Website vorliest und/oder auf einem kleinen
Blindenschriftdisplay immer ca. 40 Zeichen auf einmal darstellt. Das erlaubt
natürlich nicht unbedingt immer die rascheste Orientierung auf einer neuen
Website; aber mit einiger Übung kommt man mit diesem Hilfsmittel im
Allgemeinen doch ganz gut zurecht.)
Ich habe mir inzwischen einige hochvirtuose Stücke heruntergeladen und
meinem MIDI-Piano gefüttert. Das klang wirklich prima!
Ich möchte Ihnen an dieser Stelle für dieses besondere Life-Vergnügen den
herzlichsten Dank aussprechen.
Mit liebem Gruss
Martin Meyer

On 16.05.05 at 00:18 from
Dirk Bohlig
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Hallo! Deine MIDI-Dateien sind und bleiben die besten, die man im WWW finden kann! Immer wieder klasse!!

On 14.05.05 at 19:29 from
milton berlin
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Mr.Berndt Kreuger,
Some kind of a wizard you are ! Your Paganini..I've been holding my breath throughout and am yet to draw another one!
Listening to your Revolutionary I was given to wonder what Art Tatum would have done. Could he have matched this extraordinary midi? No. ( Art had been my friend and sitting with him while he was playing kept me a-daze. As do you ).

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Complimenti, ottima raccolta!

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Thank you for the Liszt Etude No. 6. When I was taking piano lessons as child a younger male student was assigned this piece. I imainge it was the them or a simplified version as it was not so long. I was so jealous not to be assiigned the piece also. The kid was near genius and he was about 9 years old. Just sharing. I am waiting for the Quais Dante Sonata, in case you decide to put it on. I wait for your selection every month. Thank you so much again. The best to you.

On 01.05.05 at 00:36 from
Clara Alexandria
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Thank you so much for sharing your midi files with all of us. What superb work you have been doing over the years! Congratulations! Here I am in São Paulo, Brazil, enjoying Chopin's music thanks to you. Keep up the good work.

On 30.04.05 at 17:15 from
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hallo j.s. bach des pc´s,
gerade versuche ich die ersten schritte im bereich mp3-konvertierungen - und sehe, dass du in dem bereich ja auch lichtjahre, uneinholbar voraus bist ...

On 17.04.05 at 06:50 from
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lieber bernd krüger,
1.244.000 besucher - glückwunsch - ich weiß wieviel arbeit dahinter steckt - meine webseite hat jetzt auch gerade die million überklettert - auf deine page habe ich viele befreundete musiker hingewiesen - sie haben sich darin wie in einem paradies verirrt ...

On 14.04.05 at 15:41 from
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Sowas habe ich schon lange gesucht. Die Midi-Sammlung ist echt der Hammer. Da kann ich nicht mithalten.

On 11.04.05 at 19:27 from
Gerado Quesada Mayorga
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Sr. Krüeger:
Desde Costa Rica, gracias, muchas gracias por su música, llena de buenas vibraciones nuestros días.
Me gustaría mucho saber cuando hace adiciones a su página.

On 08.04.05 at 16:46 from
chopin's fan
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realy nice site, im a big fan of chopin's music
i think his music is briliante, he was a genious
it a shame we dont have such composers nowdays
keep doing what you do

On 07.04.05 at 14:49 from
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Tolle Seite, Gratulation. Das richtige für einen erholsamen Feierabend

On 02.04.05 at 01:58 from
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Great. Bravo. Too difficult for me to even think about playing.. I am into Scriabin presently, and struggling with him. Amazing what two hands can do. Thank you so much fo increasing my knowledge of music literature. The Best to you.

On 13.03.05 at 17:24 from
Paul Williams
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A wonderfull uplifting site, Beautiful music to play to my Lucky Gnome !

On 09.03.05 at 14:04 from
P. Bogner
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Love your website. Could you do Mendelssohn's "On Wings of Song"? I could swear you used to have it in your site, but I can't find it anywhere. Thanks.

On 04.03.05 at 22:22 from
Henk Rietveld
( /

Nice music. I use it as backgroundmusic for the website of my bridgeclub. Almost every week an other sound.

On 02.03.05 at 19:59 from
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Eine sehr schöne Selektion wundervoller Melodien. Ich verwende in meinem Freundeskreis für Glückwünsche zu irgendwelchen Anlässen gerne Musikuntermalung. Und hier finde ich immer was. (Nein nein, keine Angst, ich verwende diese Musikfiles nicht kommerziell) Es ist schön dass es diese page gibt.

On 02.03.05 at 10:51 from
Liane Hauck
( /

danke für die neuen Klassik-Stücke.
Bin leidenschaftliche Klavier und Keyboardspielerin, leider jetzt im Alter (63) die Fingerfertigkeit nicht mehr so wie vor 10 Jahren jedoch sind diese Aufnahmen einfach super. Kleine Fehlerchen hab ich zwar gefunden aber was macht das schon. Finde diese HP einfach echt cool, sehr lehrreich und genial gemacht.
Was mit persönlich wünsche, wäre eine Kalviervar. von
"Candle in the Wind" (Elton John) ! Wären solche Ausnahmen mal drin?
Habe leider meine Tochter letzte Woche mit 42 Jahren zu Grabe tragen müssen und das war "ihr" Musikwunsch bei der Beisetzung. Um ihr eine eigene Memoriam-Site zu erstellen, bräuchte ihc die Aufnahme als Hintergrundmusik. Die von den normalen Musikanbietern kann man vergessen und die Originalaufnahme von E.J. möchte ihc dazu nicht nehmen. Gäbe es so eine Möglichkeit gegen Bezahlung ???
Danke im Voraus, darf ich zumindest auf kurze Anwort hoffen ?


Eine Antwort habe ich per E-Mail zugeschickt.
Bernd Krüger

On 01.03.05 at 23:09 from
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Magnifico! I love the Liszt transcriptons. Can't play them, but I can dream about them. Currently studying the "The Dance of the Blessed Spirits" Gluck as duet with my flautist friend. You are very encouraging for getting us back to really practicing to attain performance quality. Thank you.

On 28.02.05 at 02:55 from
Earl Yoo
( /

Thank you so much for sharing your midi files! I am indebted of your services from you because I now have freedom to enjoy a life of studying. I have always been a distracted fellow becuase I still have this habit of wanting to do a lot of things at once. Rock & Roll and rap or pop has never worked for me because I can't really tolerate a lot of the artists' lyrics, unless it is my own, meaning I am pretty much self-absorbed or self-centered about singing my lame songs. I can now imagine myself playing the piano whenever I need to take a break from my studies, which I have been aiming at doing more, meaning I used to not appreciate practicing the piano. Once again, thanks for helping me out in making me concentrate better.

On 25.02.05 at 19:30 from
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Thank you for sharing your talent and your dedication to classical music. As a retired piano teacher, I thoroughly enjoy having the ability to listen to my favorite classics while surfing the net. Your contribution to the classic's is priceless. Bless you for your hard work. It's appreciated more than you know.

On 17.02.05 at 18:44 from
Josh B
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I am using your midi files with the Bosendorfer 290 virtual piano and the Kompakt sampler. They sound very nice. Thank you.

On 12.02.05 at 09:41 from
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Terima kasih banyak buat Midi Klasiknya, saya udah download semua, kalo ada info terbaru. Bisa kirim email ya, ditunggu.
Gusti mberkahi

On 09.02.05 at 18:45 from
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Thank you !
I have to listen to it now.
Best Regards !

On 09.02.05 at 16:57 Uhr from
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Hallo, eine schoene Seite.

On 04.02.05 at 03:47 from
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Bravo.. what a masterpiece for an encore.. I will keep "Solfigietto" Bach for my encore.. I look forward to hearing more.. Thank you for all your creative selections.

On 30.01.05 at 12:32 from
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Great site and great music! any chance you could do Toccata And Fuge In D Minor? :D
You've done some very nice work making this music available

On 29.01.05 at 16:28 from
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Ich finde die Idee dieser Seite gut. Bei den meisten Stücken ist jedoch mehr Mechanik als Gefühl, trotz aller Interpretation. Der ureigenste Ausdruck des Gefühles, der Trauer, der Zartheit, der Freude kann überhaupt nicht durch Maschinen ersetzt werden! So bringt Musikhören keinen Spaß.

On 14.01.05 at 16:58 from
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Thank you very much for your wonderful midis.
I think you spend a lot of time on this.

On 02.01.05 at 01:56 from
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Happy New Year and the best to you.... Thank you for your selection. Any chance you can do "Un Suspiro" Liszt?
I enjoy waiting for each rendition.. Such a treasure for the pianist, very encouraging.

On 01.01.05 at 20:15 from
Richard W. Cowles