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On 31.12.98 at 19:24 from
ivan cherpillod
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Dear Mr Krueger
Your recordings are great. I've just listened to some pieces (some Brahms, Chopin and Rachmaninov)and I consider that both the interpretation and the quality of sound are among the best for this kind of media. I have bookmarked your site!
Thanks for providing us the possibility to (re-)discover many piano pieces!

On 28.12.98 at 21:30 from
Bernd Krüger
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Antwort an G. Kassen

Mit der rechten Maustaste und "speichern unter" bzw. "Save as" lassen sich die Midi Files downloaden.

On 28.12.98 at 19:52 from
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Ihre eingespielten Pianostücke sind die besten, die ich bisher als Midi-Versionen gehört habe.
Lassen sie sich 'downloaden und wie?

On 25.12.98 at 11:58 from
Gert-Dieter Fengler
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Hello Bernd,
I came across your page through a link from my cousin's home page in Germany. It is terrific and quite a remarkable result on my computer through the medial player. Thank you for the experience & pleasure from us down under, namely Australia.

On 16.12.98 at 03:13 from
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Hi there! This is one terrific site. I'm going to add a link to it from mine. Mine's still being worked on. Come visit!

On 20.11.98 at 22:52 from
Matthias Salewski
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Hallo Bernd!
Wo findet man im Netz Hinweise zur Programmierung der MIDI Schnittstelle? Am besten in C++.

Merci beaucoup Matthias

On 20.11.98 at 00:14 from
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Thank you for a wonderful page!!
I took the liberty of downloading
a few midi's.
I can enjoy them nicely with my new
soundcard: SB PCI 128!!!
Thanx again!!!!! /Per.

On 15.11.98 at 18:39 from
Raleigh marcell
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Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and talent with all of us! I would request you consider American Charles Ives, in particular "The Alcotts" movement from his piano sonata No. 2 "Concord". I have written a play about the "last southern gentleman" who spent a lifetime trying to save his ancestral plantation home and am developing a web site to publicize the play. I would like to use two of your Chopin Preludes (No.s 8 & 9), with proper credit, of course, and a link to your site.

On 11.11.98 at 11:51 from
Kim Curtis
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Hello and thank you
Your website was the first I came across from the warm heart of Africa when wanting to try out my new sound card; I was lucky; I particularly enjoyed Schumann's Opus 15 Scenes from Childhood. Having now seen what the rest of the world has to offer in midi files, I shall return to your site more often and look forward to the possible reinstatement of Chopin's piano concerto No.1 ?

On 08.11.98 at 10:41 from
Simon Carter
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These MIDI files are quite remarkable given the medium that you are working in. If you haven't already heard them on the Soundblaster Live with the ambiance set to 'arena' I suggest you do so. This is as close to a live piano recital as I've ever heard.

On 27.10.98 at 00:16 from
jürgen sörup
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ich bin sehr begeistert von Ihrer seite und werde diese weiterempfehlen. dieser service ist toll und dient der notwendigen verbreitung klassischer musik

On 17.10.98 at 06:42 from
Don Peters
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Herr Krueger
I found your site quite wonderful! Understandably some people will not appreciate the music without the subtle nuances that are evident in an actual live piano recital. That being said, I realize that to achieve those dynamics in this kind of a medium is extremely difficult and I applaud your efforts to bring classical piano music to this kind of site!

On 11.10.98 at 02:04 from
Birgit B.
(via /

Schöne Seiten,
sehr empfehlenswehrt,
weiter so!!!

On 28.09.98 at 21:03 from
Sattler Hansjörg
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Tolle Seite! Werde sie gerne weiterempfehlen.


On 06.09.98 at 16:32 from
Bernd Krueger
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Answer to Mr. Quingge Shi

Usually I use 2 tracks: One for the right and one for the left hand. Only in special cases I use more tracks, for instance in Chopin's Prelude No. 8. The right hand plays the main melody as well as a accompaniment. The emphasis of the main figure is much easier done in a separate track.

Bernd Krueger

Bernd Krueger

On 05.09.98 at 09:11 from
Qingge Shi
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Mr. Krueger,
I have visited your page
many times and find it very nice.But, I have
only one question:why 3 tracks(even more) showing after transcribing your pure piano solo MIDI-FILE ? It will be very good if the notation is similar with which I buy from shop. I think that Excellent pieces...particularly liked "3rd Moments Musicaux by Schubert" and "zwerge by griege"
Qingge Shi

On 25.08.98 at 14:36 from
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It's very good. I like it.
Good web!

On 11.08.98 at 20:21 from
H-J. Schaefer
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Ich bin von der Technik und Qualität dieser Seite begeistert, vielen Dank für die guten Sequenzen, die besonders meinen Sohn Philipp (Klavieranfänger) bergeistert haben. Weiter so!!

On 09.08.98 at 02:40 from
Florian Speer
(via /

Klasse Seite, wirklich empfehlenswert!

On 30.07.98 at 15:54 from
danny bouchard
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je voudrais un livre avec des photos de piano

On 28.07.98 at 13:15 from
Tom Bennett
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I hope you can understand me - I'm English believe it or not! Your music is truly the most amazing piano MIDI music I have ever heard. I have even downloaded all of your songs from your Web Site so I can listen to them in my own time.

A truly amazing talent,

Tom Bennett

On 17.07.98 at 19:46 from
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hallo Bernd

Ich danke gott das es dich gibt und du mir diese klassische musik ubermittelts.
Vor jedem einstieg ins netz lade ich mir ein paar stücke runter und sie begleiten mich die ganze zeit im www.Nochmals vielen, vielen dank für diese wunderschöne sammlung. Hakan

On 13.06.98 at 12:21 from
( /

Tolle Homepage, großartige Sammlung von Klassik-Stücken. Ich spiele selbst Klavier.

On 10.06.98 at 21:22 from
Christian Schwarz
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super midi stücke schade das ich kein klavier spielen kann,denn das verführt richtig zum spielen.
Homepage ist in arbeit werde dich auch erwähnen frei dem motto ehre wehm ehre gebührt!

On 08.06.98 at 19:52 from
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Absolutely the most beautiful MIDI's on the Net! Thank you for sharing them. I will be back time and time again!

On 07.06.98 at 18:54 from
Joseph Iskandar
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I am a new visitor to your site. I, sure, On going to revisit.
Wonderful music.
Thank you!

On 05.06.98 at 23:40 from
Bruno Euringer
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Was gibt´s da noch zu sagen, wer bis hier, zur Gästeliste gekommen ist, der weiß was ich meine. Bernd ist eine Ausnahmeerscheinung im Web.

On 28.05.98 at 10:08 from
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danke Das es noch menschen gibt Die klassische musik

On 17.05.98 at 13:05 from
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I love your handling of this music! This is the
best I've heard (I've been surfing the web for awhile looking for classical midi music).
Thank You!

On 17.05.98 12:27 from
Klaus Marten
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Hallo Bernd,
vielen Dank für Deine lobenden Worte im Gästebuch der Weltzeituhr. Ich meine, Du machst auf andere Art und Weise ein tolles Angebot. Muß direkt überlegen, ob ich mir mal 'ne vernünftige Soundkarte zulege.
Gruß aus Potsdam

On 02.05.98 at 16:37 from
( /

Deine Midi-Sequenzen sind echt super!

On 23.04.98 12:21 from
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Dear Beethoven,
I am Queenie in your ICQ list, so great to see such a rich homepage with so many wonderful sound track.

On 16.04.98 at 21:39 from
( /

What a lot of work this must have taken, and I thank you for allowing me to enter and partake. The music is wonderful. Do you, by any chance, have "Rhapsody on a Theme of Pagianini" by Sergej Rachmaninoff. It is my favourite piece, and I'd love to put! it on my home page. If you do have it, would you share it? If not, thanks again for this wonderful visit. I'll stop by again. Moira

On 15.04.98 at 21:25 from
Bernd Krueger
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Dear visitor of my site,
as I have noticed, not all people are pleased by my work. I am concerned about this and want to remark the following:
I am creating my Midi-Files by step-sequencing and spend much time to adjust velocity, dynamics and te! mpo. However, it is not possible to reach dynamics and interpretation of CD-recordings or realtime-sequenced Midi-Files. For all that I try to create sequences that doesn't sound monotonous or synthetically. Several people have said, that I have done a good! work.
Chopin's piano concerto No. 1 was one of my first works and indeed not optimal, because in the beginning I had not much experience. Therefore I have removed it from my archive.
I want to emphasize, that I am neither a professional musician nor ! a pianist. It's my great love to classical music, which causes me to do this.
Your opinion about my sequences is very appreciated.

Bernd Krueger

On 10.04.98 at 19:58 from
David Siu
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Dear Mr. Krueger,
I just visited your page
and was impressed at the projects you've undertaken. However, I have
several reservations about your sequences. I always bore a grudge
towa! rds you because you posted a sequence of the Chopin 1st piano
concerto which (I'm sorry to say) was suboptimal, with frequent wrong
notes (both in the orchestra and piano), incorrect tempo and
characteristically "unpianistic" step-sequencing. I thi! nk that in
general with the piano repertoire that you are tackling it's much better
to play them live (as with Oguri and Robert Finley), simply because you
cannot get all the "intensity" and pianistic figurations played
correctly, nor can you ge! t the required rubato and pedalling which
cannot be mimicked by step-sequencing. Even with your new piece, La
Campanella, and the Bach Well-Tempered Klavier preludes and fugues, the
virtuosity and notes are noth! ing if not played with some rubato, change
in volume, and correct articulation. (There is a sequence of the piece
played live on the CMC.) I'm sure that sequencing gives you great
pleasure (as it does for me), but I'm not so sure that all your
l! isteners agree.
I realize that the above are strong words, and hope that you will
compare your sequencing technique with those of Dr. Lubetsky and Robert
Finley, and aim to compare your sequences with what the music sounds
like when played live!

On 10.04.98 at 14:46 from
( / ohne Homepage)

Klassische Musik...und Klavier...Gute Idee für eine

On 07.04.98 at 05:37 from
Don Leinbach
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Excellent site...particularly liked "Rhapsodie No. 4 in Eb major, Op. 119 Brahms...


On 07.04.98 at 03:58 from
Bill Cain
(via / ohne Homepage)

Thanks for sharing the beautiful musical sequencies.

On 06.04.98 at 09:08 from
Renee Simons
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A pleasure to listen to. Ravel? Shostakovitch?

On 29.03.98 at 15:39 from
( /

What a great classical music site, I have just listened to a beautiful crafted Beethoven's Sonata No.14, what a pleasure to my ears. Best regards Reg

On 28.03.98 at 13:19 from
John Zotas
( / ohne Homepage)

Excellent job! Congratulations!!!

Keep up the good work!

On 27.03.98 at 13:44 from
Stefan Serena
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Danke für die MIDI-Files. Sehr angenehm überrascht war ich vorallem von der Qualität (nach 2 Hörproben). Die Files tönen lange nicht so synthetisch wie viele andere. Gratuliere

On 25.03.98 at 20:38 from
Bernd Krüger
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Antwort an Daniel Jungblut

Die Sonate Nr. 2 von Chopin ist in der Classical Midi Connection vorhanden

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Bernd Krüger

On 23.03.98 22:45 from
Daniel Jungblut
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Sehr schöne Midi-Dateien, insbesondere die von Chopin. Gibt's eigentlich auch die Sonate Nr.2 (Trauermarsch) als Midi?

On 26.02.98 at 18:42 from
U. Michels
( / ohne Homepage)

Danke für die schönen Stücke

On 10.02.98 at 20:08 from
Anne Thaden
( /

Klasse, besuchen sie mich doch mal virtuell

On 01.02.98 at 00:20 from
Donald J. Mellor
( / ohne Homepage)

I think that your website is really brilliant.
Are the piano works on your website the full peice?

On 28.01.98 22:52 from
Rock Morey
( / ohne Homepage)


I am from Detroit, in the USA. My son is a classical pianist and is now learning about MIDI. He has been looking for the 3rd Moments Musicaux by Schubert, and you are one of a few to have posted this familiar piece. Your work is lovely, and w! e thank you very much.


On 11.01.98 at 17:32 from
Bernd Krueger
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Antwort an Lars Meinecke

Hallo Lars,
ich spiele meine Stücke überhaupt nicht ein, sondern editiere sie direkt im Midi-Sequenzer "Cakewalk pro Audio". Danach treibe ich allerdings erheblichen Aufwand, damit sie nicht synthetisch klingen - am meist! en arbeite ich an der Tempokurve. Cakewalk bietet die Möglichkeit, die Lautstärke der Töne sowie das Tempo graphisch zu bearbeiten. Die meisten Ersteller von Midi-Sequenzen scheuen diesen Aufwand und dementsprechend schlecht sind auch die Ergebnisse - oder ! sie sind hervorragende Pianisten und machen "realtime"-Aufnahmen, wie z.B. Robert Finley. Ich selber bin kein Pianist und möchte hochwertige Sequenzen auf diese Weise erstellen.

Bis dann
Bernd Krueger

On 11.01.98 at 13:49 from
Lars Meinecke
( / ohne Homepage)

Endlich mal eine Site mit klassischen MIDI-Files, die - so mein erster Eindruck am PC - nicht so synthetisch klingen wie viele andere. Ich werde sie aber auch noch am Keyboard ausprobieren.
Meine Frage aber: Da Du ja wahrscheinlich (?) nicht! alle diese Stücke selbst am Keyboard fehlerfrei eingespielt hast... - welche Nachbearbeitungssoftware benutzt Du oder kannst Du empfehlen?