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The standard format is MIDI Format 1, in which each channel has its own track. In format 0 all channels are integrated in one track, this is necessary for some keyboards. This page in addition contains audio formats, scores or videos with visualisation of the scores during playing the music, if available.

Pictures at an Exhibition (1874)

Part Tempo Duration Date Size MIDI
Format 0
Promenade - Gnomus Allegro giusto, nel modo russico - Sempre vivo 3:32 2013-11-03 21 KB MP3 OGG
Promenade - Il vecchio Castello Andante molto cantabile e con dolore 4:57 2013-11-12 16 KB MP3 OGG
Promenade - The Tuileries Allegretto non troppo, capriccioso 1:29 2013-11-15 10 KB MP3 OGG
Bydlo Sempre moderato pesante 2:51 2013-11-18 10 KB MP3 OGG
Promenade - Ballet of the Unhatched Chickens Scherzino 1:42 2013-11-22 16 KB MP3 OGG
Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle Andante 2:04 2013-12-03 11 KB MP3 OGG
Promenade - The Market Place of Limoges - Catacombae - Con mortuis in lingua mortua 6:03 2013-12-16 45 KB MP3 OGG
The Hut on Chicken's Legs (Baba-Yaga) - The Great Gate of Kiev Allegro con brio, feroce - Maestoso. Con grandezza 7:20 2013-12-28 61 KB MP3 OGG

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