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2014: Revision and higher quality of audio files

Revision of all most of my works and new recordings with D4 grand piano. All MP3's will be recorded with 192 kBit/s

2014: Works of Rachmaninov are public domain

Therefore I will publish several works of this great composer in 2014.

New recordings of the Beethovens sonatas with the new D4 grand piano of Pianoteq 4 (2012)

A Steinway D from Hamburg has served as reference for the new great Piano from Pianoteq. Step for step I will convert my recordings to the D4, first of all the sonatas from Beethoven. In some cases I will use different presets of the piano, for instance variations of hammer hardness.

Completion of the site with scores and videos (2011)

I addition to the music files I want to add scores and videos. The scores com from open source origins or are created wiht Lilypond by myself. The videos show the scores during playing. In particular MIDI format 0 files shall be selected directly.

Recordings with the virtual piano Pianoteq (2010)

After testing the virtual piano Pianoteq I found, that it sounds much better than my digital piano. In addition I have the possibility, to modify several parameters to modify the sound. Therefore I will record all works with Pianoteq step by step.

Completion of OGG library (2008)

There are several files, which are in MP3, but not in OGG. The OGG library shall be completed.

Ravel (2008)

In 2008 the music of Ravel will be in public domain. Therefore I will present some works of this great composer: Gaspard de la Nuit, Jeux d'eau and perhaps some other works.

Schumann (2007)

Schumann: Kreisleriana

Mozart Year 2006

In the year of Mozart I will present some works of Mozart.

Virtous Music from Franz Liszt (2005)

Some Etudes from Grandes Etudes de Paganini are planned, Reminiscences de Don Juan and some Hungarian Rhapsodies.

Focus: Beethoven Sonatas (10/2003-2/2004)

The main theme of this project are several famous Beethoven Sonatas:

  • Sonata No. 8 "Pathetique" (finished)
  • Sonata No. 15 "Pastorale" (deferred)
  • Sonata No. 17 "The Tempest" (deferred)
  • Sonata No. 21 "Waldstein" (finished)
  • Sonata No. 26 "Les Adieux" (deferred)
  • Sonata No. 29 "Hammerklavier" (deferred)

Focus: Chopin (8/2002 - 9/2003)

The works of Chopin are the main theme of this project, which began in August 2002. The following works will be make available:

  • 2 Mazurkas Opus 7 (finished)
  • 2 Mazurkas Opus 33 (finished)
  • Ballade G minor Opus 23 (finished)
  • selected Etudes Opus 25 (finished)
  • 2 Nocturnes Opus 27 (finished)
  • 24 Préludes Opus 28 (finished)
  • Polonaise Ab major Opus 53 (finished)
  • Fantasie-Impromptu Opus 66 (finished)

Piano sonatas of Classicism and Romanticism (9/2001 - 7/2002)

This project was realized from 9/2001 to 7/2002. It contains six sonatas of Classicism and Romanticism. The original planned sonata C major by Brahms and sonata B minor by Liszt were not realized.

Spanish piano music (1/2001 - 8/2001)

This project is dedicated to the composers Albéniz and Granados and was realized from 1/2001 to 8/2001. It contains the following works:

Russian piano music (2000)

This project was realized in the year 2000. Modest Mussorgsky, Mili Balakirew und Alexander Borodin were part of the so called "the mighty five", consisting in addition of the composers César Cui and Nikolai Rimski-Korsakow. It contains the following works:

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